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Consent to Participate in Research

Study Title: Audience Analysis: UWM Library Digital Collections Website

Person Responsible for Research: Ann Hanlon, (PI), Josh Ebert, Kimberly Baker (Student PI)

Study Description: The purpose of this research study is to conduct an audience analysis survey to determine actual user groups of the website. This information will inform the development of usability tests that will guide reorganization of website content for improved ease of use and navigability. Approximately 25 subjects will participate in this study. If you agree to participate, you will be asked to complete survey questions, participate in an online card sorting activity and offer feedback on these activities. This will take approximately 15 minutes of your time.

Risks / Benefits: Risks that you may experience from participating are considered minimal. There are no costs for participating. There are no benefits to you other than to further research.

Confidentiality: Your information collected for this study is completely confidential and no individual participant will ever be identified with his/her research information. Data from this study will be saved on password-protected computer for 2 years. Only the study staff and project team will have access to the information. However, the Institutional Review Board at UW-Milwaukee or appropriate federal agencies like the Office for Human Research Protections may review this study’s records.

Voluntary Participation: Your participation in this study is voluntary. You may choose not to take part in this study, or if you decide to take part, you can change your mind later and withdraw from the study. You are free to not answer any questions or withdraw at any time. Your decision will not change any present or future relationships with the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee.

Who do I contact for questions about the study? For more information about the study or study procedures, contact Kimberly Baker at kbaker@uwm.edu

Who do I contact for questions about my rights or complaints towards my treatment as a research subject? Contact the UWM IRB at 414-229-3173 or irbinfo@uwm.edu.

Research Subject’s Consent to Participate in Research:
To voluntarily agree to take part in this study, you must be 13 years of age or older. By selecting “I consent.” and clicking "Continue" you are stating that you have read the consent form and you are giving your consent to voluntarily participate in this research project.

1. Please indicate your consent with the conditions of this survey.